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Reflecting on the past two decades, there is just no way I could have imagined that one trip to the Gold Coast in 1997 would spark a movement of volunteers dedicated to safeguarding millions of young people every year. It continues to blow me away, how much genuine passion and care each volunteer shows toward every young individual they are helping – whether it’s in a school, university, at Schoolies/Leavers, a sports arena, skate park, music festival or in their backyard. I’m excited for the launch of Red Frogs Internships in 2018 and if you have a passion to make a difference I invite you to invest your time and talents to not only make a difference in our communities but also to see you reach your full potential.


Andy Gourley

Founder/CEO, Red Frogs Australia

Courses Offered

You will have the opportunity to participate in an internship with volunteer hours at Red Frogs and work toward an accredited Ministry College award, or to complete a non-accredited option where assessments are not required.

Practical Internship

6 & 12 Month Options
Non Accredited
  • Weekly coaching & mentoring
  • Options to sit in classes with no assessment
  • On campus & external options
  • Skills & experience learned will position you for your future
  • Can be converted to accredit units with FEE-HELP at a later date
  • $750 for 6 months | $1,500 for 12 months

Accredited & Practical

1, 2, 3 Year Options
  • Diploma, Bachelor, Grad Cert and Grad Diploma options
  • Awards are Higher Education (not VET)
  • 2 assessments per unit; learning support provided
  • Weekly coaching and mentoring
  • On-campus and external options
  • No up-front fees; can be financed by FEE-HELP loan scheme
  • See the 4 scenarios below

We Are Flexible To Design An Option 

That Suits You!

Practical Streams

Mix your passion with ministry & join with us to make a difference. The amount of volunteer hours associated with each stream varies from 3-24 hours a week based on internship type (accredited/non-accredited)

What Your Week Could Look Like

What Your Week Could Look Like

(4 Scenarios)

Scenario 1

“Gary” – Gary is 25 and is looking to make a difference. He wants accredited learning and does not want to pay up-front. He also decides to gain experience in Red Frogs university ministry at UQ on Wednesday nights 6:30pm to 9:30pm.  He enrols in a Diploma of Ministry in semester 1 and selects 3 units including JC102 Communication for Ministry on Monday nights for 13 weeks.  He meets with his group coach on Wednesdays for an hour while the group enjoy lunch together after chapel.  He also calls his coach when he needs to talk through any challenges or seek advice in his placement.  His lecturer also reviews assignments drafts before he submits them for marking. He will also undertake a unit externally in semester 3 and volunteer for week 1 of Schoolies at the Gold Coast.  His placement hours for that unit are completed in one focussed week with the help of his coach.  He studies at his own pace and all his assessments are submitted by Christmas.  He finishes his 8 unit Diploma of Ministry in one year.  He repays his FEE-HELP loan through the ATO each year until it is completely repaid.

Scenario 2

“Alice” – Alice has just finished high school and wants a gap year. She enrols in a Diploma of Ministry in semester 1 and is eligible for a FEE-HELP loan and Austudy.  She is unsure where she fits so the placement coach develops a weekly plan that allows her to try a range of high quality leadership experiences.  She is impressed with how friendly people are and how the Red Frogs team is supportive when she makes a mistake.  In Semester 2 Alice finds 2 roles that she really enjoys – the administration team and the Schoolies call centre.  She also contributes to some team training tasks because she is more confident about her communication skills.  In class JC102 Communication for Ministry she completed a communication profile and her coach gave her extra training in her voice projection.  She now speaks with clarity and confidence.  Alice has also been offered a deputy leadership role in a new small group that is commencing next month.  Alice has a good part-time job and she works all day Friday and Saturday in a retail outlet in Carindale.

Scenario 3

“Jarred” – Jarred wants to be a Red Frog leader. He is very good with young people but did not do well in his studies at school.  He chooses 2 units as audit (no assignments) and pays fees up front.  He is placed with the Red Frogs festivals team and volunteers for 2-3 day blocks.  As he sits in class with other “like-minded” youthworkers he sees the learning support and coaching offered by CMC.  His friends are passing units and enjoying the learning as a team.  He decides to “give it a go,” enrols in accredited units with the FEE-HELP loan scheme and starts to write assignments.  To his surprise he passes a unit and becomes the first person in his family to enter into higher education.  His experience and efforts earn him a part-time job with Red Frogs.  His coach and mentor notices the growth in his leadership and offers him more responsibility in a new volunteer role.  He develops an action plan with Jarred; and his confidence increases.  Jarred realises that he now has more options and that his resume is looking more solid. 

Scenario 4

“Angela” – Angela decides she wants to become involved in youth work and start to build a new career. She negotiates with her employer to drop one day per week and only work 4 days per week.  She enrols in the Monday night class with many other working professionals and also selects a Wednesday morning class.  Angela tries a few different volunteer roles in Red Frogs.  She finds a “sweet spot” in the high school seminar team and starts to help write new programs that schools highly value.  Angela realises that she could make a new career out of this opportunity. She is awarded a Diploma of Ministry after 2 years of part-time study (8 units). 


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Join us for our open night on Mon 14th May, 2018 at 7pm.

For more information on the open night & about the internship program please contact:

internships@redfrogs.com.au or phone 1300 557 123

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